LiFT Workshop 9 (Šibenik, Croatia), September 21-24, 2017

Education for Sustainable Communities

LiFT Workshop in Šibenik, Croatia, September 20-23, 2017

Host: Alliance for the Future (A4F)
Co-hosts: Ecolise, Šibenik Hub for Ecology (SHE)

Context and Aim

We consider transformative learning (and related educational paradigms that activate higher human potential) to be the key for transitioning to just and sustainable communities and societies.
In recent years, many innovative attempts to provide transformative learning opportunities have emerged independently from each other.
The concept of this wokshop emerged out of the sense that it is time for confluences (rather than conferences) to learn from each other’s visions, approaches and experiences, to reduce fragmentation, enhance collaboration, and build joint capacity.

The workshop focused on the challenge: How can we join forces to design and deliver transformative learning opportunities that help catalyse the Great Transition in local contexts? Participants were invited to discover complementarities, find opportunities, pool resources, develop projects, and thus contribute to co-create a larger transformative system.

Download the invitation for more info here: Invitation Transformative Education Confluence.

Outcomes and results so far

The Confuence attracted around 35 participants, mostly pioneers and activists in transformative education and learning, sustainable community building and related fields from many European countries and initiatives. Below are some of the working groups that formed during the event :

  • Creating a container for ongoing cooperation around transformative learning
  • Developping a curriculum on integrative, transformative learning
  • Language: How to translate visionary concepts and curricula into more conventional accreditation-friendly language?

Here is another visual resumé:

Word cloud bunt