Products & Services

LiFT offers the following services:

Introductory workshops & presentations on:
– Integral Leadership
– the Collaboratory method
Theory U
– Leadership Development
– Values based (Self) Leadership
– other related topics

Collaboratory Design & Facilitation
Are you facing a complex challenge that requires to bring togehter a broad range of stakeholders to work together towards innovative solutions? We are happy to offer help with:
– deciding whether the Collaboratory is the right method for you
– if yes: what to be mindful of when hosting and preparing a Collaboratory
– Collaboratory design in specific contexts
– taking over the facilitation of the process, thereby allowing you to fully focus on your role as a host.

Facilitator Trainings
The LiFT facilitator training can be offered as a week-long event (combined with a preparatory blended learning phase) or as an ongoing (i.e. semester-long) course.
LiFT welcomes institutions in the area of (higher or adult) education who are interested in becoming an institutional partner in hosting or accrediting a facilitator training course as a single or regular format.