Intellectual Output No° 1: Foundations and resources of integral leadership

Intellectual Output N° 1:

Foundations and Resources of Integral Leadership

Collaborative Leadership as understood and practiced in the context of LiFT is based on an emerging innovative paradigm and practice of responsible leadership which, due to its integrative (integral) approach, can make better progress on wicked societal problems.

This book provides historical and theoretical background to the concept of integral leadership. It summarizes, treats and edits essential dimensions and developments within leadership theory and practice in order for a diverse, practically interested audience to be used as inspiration and food for thought and self-reflection in hands-on leadership contexts.

Overview of contents:

All chapters are provided separately for download:

0. Introduction
1.  An Overview of Leadership Theory, Research and Practice
2. Sources of Integral Leadership
3. The Integral Model
4. Core  Dimension 1: Four Quadrants
5. Core Dimension 2: Vertical Development