LiFT Workshop 6 (Almedalen), July 3-10

Making Politics more Collaborative – Ideas to accelerate sustainable development

LiFT workshop n° 6 was part of the yearly Almedalen week, a huge gathering of all social and political streams and actors in Sweden.

In cooperation with Initiativ Samutveckling, the 2022 initiative and Gross National Happiness Europe, we hosted a workshop on how to follow up on the first Climate Conference (which was held in Stockholm in 1972), including the goal to end poverty, to protect the planet, and to ensure prosperity for all as part of a new sustainable development agenda. The 2022 initative aims at speeding up sustainability work in Sweden for 2030 through a clear vision and targets for 2022.

For information see the Project_idea_2022_Initiative_Dec_2015_EN.
For an English summary of the 2022 initative see 2022_Initiative_Summary_May-2016_EN.

In Swedish:

För mer informationen om LiFT workshopen på Svenska se här.
Du kan hittar mer informationen om Initativ 2022 här: Projektidé_2022_Initiative_Maj-2016_SV och 2022_Initiative_Kort_sammanfattn_April-2016.

For a slide show and introduction to the expert fishbowl see here.

almedalen-short-story-compressed is a comprehensive photo documentation of LiFT’s activities in Almedalen. More pictures here: