Action Research

The LiFT 2.0 project has conducted action research from 2015-2018, systematically observing and documenting its Collaboratory workshops and summarizing its main learnings. Some of the previous Collaboratories conducted during LiFT’s first funding period (LiFT 1.0) have also been evaluaded and summarized as case studies (see LiFT Case Book below).

Our research rationale is described here.

The results of this work been published in the form of four books as “intellectual outputs” of LiFT’s work:

1. Foundations and resources of integral leadership

2. LiFT Methods Book: Designing and facilitating Collaboratories

3. LiFT Case Book: Hosting Collaboratories: Insights and learnings from different cases

4. Five superpowers for co-creators. How change makers and business can achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (experiences from the field)

Furthermore, LiFT has developed a course curriculum for its Collaboratory facilitator training.

You find all of these intellectual outputs in the tab “Resources and Materials“.