Portraits of Pioneers

In this part of the project, we have explored the thinking and practices of pioneering groups and organizations that are already breaking new ground in politics in Europe. We have found that together, they are forming a totally new planet that is emerging underneath our feet. For diving deeper into our findings, check out the project website here:
It will guide you to a Prezi called “Pioneering the Future of Politics” providing a deep immersion of the planet of new politics: https://prezi.com/view/3cXiKo6Cvz2xpUTddcMw/

Pioneering the Future of Politics

For an example of a practice that we have explored more intensively, see Harald Schellander’s project on Round Tables in Austria that has emerged as part of the LiFT Politics project.

Read Harald & Roswitha’s Introduction to the Round Table Method here.

Hier gibt es Harald & Roswithas Bericht zum Runden Tisch auf Deutsch.

Among these pioneers are very few political parties that are hearing the demand for new relationships with members and citizens, to allow a more engaged and energised politics. In fact, most pioneers we have studied, are operating at the edges of the current political system.

As part of this work, we are consecutively posting interviews with such pioneers here, both in written and audio/audiovisual form, in English and German languages.

Some of these interviews are already available as video or audio broadcasts, mostly on our Youtube channel “Pioneers of Politics”. The first videos on the channel have been conducted in German, with pioneers from German speaking countries. English language interviews are about to be launched on our POP international playlist.

Furthermore, here is a preview of a LiFT interview by Indra Adnan (IFIS and A/UK) with Simon Anholt, the creator of the “Good Country Index” (in English).