LiFT Workshop 3 (Vienna), November 21-22, 2014

The future of organization(s)

After the overwhelming experience in Sweden, our Austrian partner, the Zentrum für Integrale Führung (Center for Integral Management ,Vienna) had great respect in view of their own task. Combined with great ambition and a fantastic team, this led to a LiFT workshop that attracted over a hundred visitors from all over Europe. This was partly due to our high-profile keynote speakers: Frederic Laloux, Tom Thomison and Christian Felber, three internationally known “luminaries” of innovative organizational practice. But first, participants had to physically cross the threshold into a new way of thinking about leadership and organization:


In the Key Notes, the general topic „The Evolution of Orga­nization in a Fundamen­tally Changing World“ was highlighted through three complementary per­spec­tives: the global view on society as a whole (Christian Felber), the level of organizational development and transformation (Frederic Laloux), and the perspective of a specific integral method for organizational development, Holacracy (Tom Thomison).

After each Keynote, the participants were given the opportunity to exchange views on what they heard and to note questions to the speaker. These were then answered in the context of an improvized Campfire around which the keynote speakers gathered for a casual discussion after their speeches.

On the second day of the workshop, another Collaboratory was conducted in the premises of the Vienna Impact Hub. The overall topic of “The Evolution of Organization in a Fundamentally Changing World” was now addressed through more specific working questions such as: “What do we need for participating actively as individuals and / or organizations in a future in which we really want to live?”

In an alternation of plenary and small group work, interrupted by creative breaks, the participants created a list of about a dozen prototypes and project ideas, which were then elaborated and specified in the circle of interested persons.

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