Intellectual Output n° 2: LiFT Methods Book: Designing and facilitating Collaboratories

Intellectual Output N° 2

LiFT Methods Book:

Designing and facilitating Collaboratories

The LiFT Methods Book is conceived as a handbook and source of practical inspiration for practitioners in collaborative leadership. It helps them to understand the preconditions, functioning and implications of various ways of scaffolding and facilitating processes of dialog and collaborative inquiry and decision-making. Its main focus is on the Collaboratory method and its components. The book addresses all the relevant components of design and facilitation and systematically describes their specific workings and impacts. It offers users a rich choice of best practices and enables them to prepare and conduct collaborative processes themselves on the basis of a solid methodological understanding.

Overview of contents:

All chapters are provided separately for download:

  1. Introduction
  2. The context: differing settings and how to deal with them
  3. The facilitation: Designing and conducting a Collaboratory
  4. After the public Collaboratory: post-facilitation and follow-up

The LiFT research strategy in a nutshell:
Exploring and blueprinting the collaboratory methodology – RESEARCH strategy & rationale

Attachments and additional resources for practitioners:

  1. Collaboratory Structure Overview
  2. LiFT Methodology Book – facilitation design WORKSHEET
  3. LiFT Methodology book_chapter 3 – Design & Facilitation_outline (short version)
  4. Interview with Jonathan Reams_transcript_2016
  5. LiFT Feedback Interview_Trondheim_2014