LiFT Workshop 1 (Trondheim), February 28-March 01, 2014

Co-creating Collective Intelligence for Complex Challenges

This two-day public event has been organized and hosted by Jonathan Reams, Professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and the Center for Transformative Leadership, and attracted about 35 participants, including 15 from LiFT partner organizations.

The goal of the workshop was to get to know the “Collaboratory”, a multi-stakeholder engagement method developed in the context of the 50+20-Initiative for responsible business education. The method is designed for facilitating processes of co-creating collective intelligence in view of solving complex challenges. In this case we applied it on the topic of leadership itself, exploring innovative leadership approaches in an international, interdisciplinary and intersectoral context.

Thanks to the dedicated, thoughtful and very professional facilitation by Katrin Muff (BSL Lausanne), the power of the collaboratory method became widely visible and tangible to the participants.

The experiences gained during workshop n° 1 were used and built on in further LiFT events.

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