Feedbacks & Reflections

During its first phase of operation (2013-2015), the LiFT Learning Partnership has involved around 270 stakeholders and participants from all across Europe, some even from other continents. Here are some of the feedbacks we received.

Video Feedbacks:

Interview with Jonathan Reams (NTNU Trondheim) on LiFT, Caux, July 2015
Interview with Katrin Muff (BSL Lausanne) on LiFT, Caux, July 2015
Interview with Christiane Seuhs-Schoeller (Center for Integral Leadership, Vienna) on LiFT, Caux, July 2015

Interview with Lena Mc Evenue (Sweden) on LiFT Caux
Interview with Anders Lodin (Sweden) on LiFT Caux
Interview with Rosa Strasser (Austria) on LiFT Caux


Feedback interviews and more (individual workshops):

Feedbacks Trondheim
Feedbacks Stockholm
Feedbacks Vienna
Feedbacks Caux

Reflections from LiFT partners and core team members:

LiFT workshop in Stockholm: detailed report from Katrin Muff (core team member)
LiFT workshop in Caux: detailed report from a participant here: Caux Reportage Per Hörberg_EF
LiFT workshop in Caux: Reflection on facilitating the Impact Leadership Track by Jonathan Reams and Christiane Seuhs-Schoeller: LiFT Caux facilitation reflections (core team members)

Looking back onto the whole project: LIFT reflections Marius Lervåg Aasprong (NTNU Trondheim)


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