LiFT Workshop 8 (7Linden, Germany), June 2-6, 2017

Gemeinschaftskinder – Aufwachsen zwischen Gemeinschaft und Gesellschaft

This workshop was hosted at the ecovillage 7Linden (Germany) by a network of intentional communities and ecovillages in Germany. It was held in German.

The topic translates “growing up between community and society”.

The core question addressed in this workshop was: Which are the challenges that intentional communities face when trying to implement innovative forms of education and socializing?

Our Collaboratory provided spaces for exchange and deep exploration of experiences, visions and concerns around the questions around “what does it really mean to grow up?”

A group of young people produced a Video during the event which captures a lot of the essence and overall atmosphere. To watch click here.

Some pictures documenting the event: Impressionen 7Linden LiFT Pfingsten

Besides, the workshop generated a number of projects which are carried on by smaller working groups, for example:

  • Building up a Next-Gen-Academy offering an inspiring “holding environment” for  young people (aged 18-25) who are orienting themselves after their years at school and/or college, to help them find their personal purpose in life and work towards it.
  • Hosting trans-generational camps at events of GEN Germany
  • Create, test and support transitional rituals for young people at the edge of a new life phase
  • Create a school for parents
  • Create a circle of older children from communities where they can exchange experiences

More info can be found on the host’s website (in German).