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The LiFT project has conducted action research on its Collaboratory workshops from 2015-2017, systematically documenting them and summarizing their main learnings. The results of this work will be published in the form of four books as “intellectual outputs” of LiFT’s work by August 31, 2018:

1. Foundations and resources of integral leadership

2. LiFT Methods Book: Designing and facilitating Collaboratories

3. LiFT Case Book: Hosting Collaboratories: Insights and learnings from different cases

4. Five superpowers for co-creators. How change makers and business can achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (experiences from the field)

5. Furthermore, LiFT has developed a Course Curriculum for its Collaboratory facilitator training.

This area will be updated as soon as our outputs are final-edited for publication.
They will be permanently available as online resources on this site.


Resources & Materials by LiFT partners:

For more information about the collaboratory see the book edited by Katrin Muff. Intro&chapter22 of this edited volume provide a narrative roadmap for designing a collaboratory.

Some of the foundations and experiences of collaborative leadership as promoted by LiFT have been described and analyzed in the following book chapter (based on a conference paper prepared for EGOS Athens 2015, subtheme 57):

Elke Fein/Jürgen Deeg/Jonathan Reams (2015): „From Ego to Eco – Theoretical challenges and practical implications of a ‘next generation’ approach to Responsible Leadership as a collaborative endeavor“, in: Güler Aras & Coral Ingley (eds.): „Corporate Behavior and Sustainability: Doing Well by Being Good“, Routledge (2017).

Jonathan Reams gives a personal introduction to the idea of integral leadership here. He also elaborates on the challenge of opening transformative spaces by leading though the heart: J REAMS – Transforming Leader Integral Leadership Chapter.
Together with Anne Caspari ,who has been a co-facilitator at the LiFT collaboratory in Stockholm, Jonathan also shares experiences in generating space for emergence through the quality of presence: REAMS-CASPARI – Integral Leadership German.

Elke Fein has summarized key learnings from using the Collaboratory in a chapter in Olen Gunnlaugson’s anniversary triology on theory U: “The dance between structure and skill” (forthcoming, 2018).


Resources & Materials by other authors:

Inspiration about how to build and lead organizations differently, based on a core purpose shared between all members, can be found in Frederic Laloux’ best-selling book “Reinventing Organizations” (2014). For a short introduction to Laloux’ basic findings  see here.

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