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Resources & Materials by LiFT partners:

For more information about the collaboratory see the book edited by Katrin Muff. Intro&chapter22 of this edited volume provide a narrative roadmap for designing a collaboratory.

Some of the foundations and experiences of collaborative leadership as promoted by LiFT have been described and analyzed in the following book chapter (based on a conference paper prepared for EGOS Athens 2015, subtheme 57):

Elke Fein/Jürgen Deeg/Jonathan Reams (2015): „From Ego to Eco – Theoretical challenges and practical implications of a ‘next generation’ approach to Responsible Leadership as a collaborative endeavor“, in: Güler Aras & Coral Ingley (eds.): „Corporate Behavior and Sustainability: Doing Well by Being Good“, Farnham: Ashgate (currently in print).

Jonathan Reams gives a personal introduction to the idea of integral leadership here. He also elaborates on the challenge of opening transformative spaces by leading though the heart: J REAMS – Transforming Leader Integral Leadership Chapter.
Together with Anne Caspari ,who has been a co-facilitator at the LiFT collaboratory in Stockholm, Jonathan also shares experiences in generating space for emergence through the quality of presence: REAMS-CASPARI – Integral Leadership German.

Elke Fein and Iris Kunze will discuss experiences from LiFT at the 5th World Sustainability Forum 2015 in Basel in a contribution called “Innovative Governance Solutions for Sustainable Business – Collaborative Experiences from the Field“.


Resources & Materials by other authors:

Inspiration about how to build and lead organizations differently, based on a core purpose shared between all members, can be found in Frederic Laloux’ best-selling book “Reinventing Organizations” (2014). For a short introduction to Laloux’ basic findings  see here.

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